Reacher TV series Review from Amazon Prime (2022)

Review of the TV series Reacher, a TV show of action, crime and drama produced by Amazon Prime studios with actors Alan Ritchson, Malcolm Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald, Hugh Thompson, Chris Webster, Bruce McGill and Maxwell Jenkins as young Reacher. A TV series that I really liked.

Reacher TV series Review 2022

Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson), a former U. S. Army military policeman, now lives as a drifter carrying only his passport, cash, and a French military service medal. Upon his arrival in the rural town of Margrave, Georgia, Reacher is arrested for his suspected murder of a man found dead near an overpass. Boston born and Harvard educated Chief Detective Oscar Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin) is suspicious of Reacher while Officer Roscoe Conklin (Willa Fitzgerald) is more receptive of Reacher's presence in the town. When a banker named Paul Hubble (Marc Bendavid) confesses to the crime without any corroborating evidence Reacher becomes embroiled in a mystery which only raises more questions when it's revealed the man murdered under the overpass was in fact Reacher's estranged brother Joe.

Based on the Jack Reacher series of books by Lee Child, Reacher marks the latest attempt to mine the books for adaptation following the Tom Cruise led film franchise fizzling out with the divisive follow up Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. While I enjoyed the Tom Cruise films to a degree (even the second one wasn't terrible) it's undeniable Tom Cruise did not match the description Child created in the books. Now free of the constraints that come with feature films and given more breathing room with 8 episodes, Reacher is fun detective fiction that creates an engaging narrative and a likable protagonist played by Alan Ritchson.

Alan Ritchson is fantastic as Reacher as he plays the character as a man with a strong sense of justice. Reacher doesn't actively seek out trouble, but if it happens to find him he makes it clear that it will regret having sought him out. Ritchson gives the character a lot of humor with his laid back charisma leading to some genuinely humorous moments between the various baddies he encounters as well as in his alliances with Finlay and Roscoe. Malcolm Goodwin is a solid ally for Reacher as despite being a man of intellect and character, he's not above getting his hands (or his tweed suit) dirty in pursuit of ridding the town of corruption despite often being looked upon as an outsider. Willa Fitzgerald is really good as Roscoe who has great chemistry with Ritchson and despite being a love interest isn't overly sexualized and can hold her own against the villains. The show's mystery is engaging with Reacher and his allies tracking down leads throughout the town of Margrave with actors like Bruce McGill, Chris Webster, Willie C. Carpenter, Harvey Guillen, and Kristin Kreuk giving solid performances as the various characters Reacher and company come into contact with.

Reacher is terrific entertainment. Alan Ritchson is perfectly cast as the titular Jack Reacher and is surrounded by a solid supporting cast who make the mystery entertaining and thrilling. The show promises even further adventures for the character derived from the books and if they stay at the level of this season I can see this having legs.

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